Aztec Food

Corn or Maize was one of the main Aztec foods

Corn - The Main Aztec Food

Of all the foods the Aztecs ate, the most important part of their cuisine was corn, which they called maize. In fact, maize was so important to the Aztecs that it actually played a role in their mythology. The importance of maize to the Aztecs was equal to the importance that rice played to the Asian cultures, and the role wheat played to the Europeans. It should first be noted that maize came in a number of different varieties. These varieties would be based on size, color, and its texture. It would also be eaten in a number of different ways, and these included tamales and tortillas. In addition to maize, there were a number of other foods that played an important role in the Aztec diet.

Other Aztec Foods

Some of these foods were salt, as well as chilies. During fasting, the Aztecs would refrain from eating either one of these things. Beans were also very important to the Aztecs, and also enjoyed eating pigweed as well as chia. When these foods were combined with maize, it would have given the typical Aztec a very healthy diet, which contained all the nutrients they needed. Nixtamalization is the method in which maize would be processed, and the maize would often be cooked in an alkaline substance. When this was done, it greatly enhanced its nutritional value.


Another worldwide popular food that originates from Aztecs is guacamole. Aztecs were known for growing avocados and turning them into guacamole. The name guacamole comes from Aztec language and it is a combination of words for avocado and sauce - āhuacatl (avocado) and molli (sauce). With the arrival of Spanish conquistadors guacamole spread throughout the world but it is still a staple in Mexican cuisine. If you want to learn how to make guacamole there are plenty of guacamole recipes.

Aztec Drinks

As far as drinks are concerned, water played an important role among the Aztecs, as it does with all humans. In addition to this, the Aztecs also drunk the fermented juice which comes from the century plant, and they also enjoy drinking pulque. Beyond water, these drinks were very common, and there were a number of alcoholic beverages available which were made from fuits, cacti, and honey. There were times when even children were allowed to drink, though this was not done regularly. Intoxication was not admired by the Aztecs, and with the exception of seniors, anyone else who became drunk could be subjected to harsh punishments.

Strangely enough, the Aztec nobility had strict rules which stopped them from drinking. If they became drunk, the punishment could be as severe as execution. The nobility also didn't drink pulque, as they considered this to be a drink of the common man. They elite instead liked to drink anything which came from cacao. This drink was highly prized, and it was consumed by warriors, kings, and nobles. They would often ad chili peppers to it to give it a bit of flavor. Honey was often used in cacao as well, but the list of herbs that could be used are very numerous.

Cacao was so prized in the Aztec empire that the beans from it could be used as a form of money. It should also be noted that the Aztecs enjoyed turkey, various types of fowl, and they also feasted on iguanas and gophers. Shrimp and fish was an important part of their diet, and they also enjoyed both insects and their eggs as a part of their Aztec food.