Aztec Tattoos

Aztec tattoos are known for their intricate and detailed patterns, and they were developed during the Aztec civilization which ruled Mexico during the 14th century. While Mesoamerican civilizations all had art styles which were similar, the Aztec style of art was quite distinct from its neighbors, and this can clearly be seen in the designs that are used for the tattoos. The first thing that you must understand about Aztec tattoos is that certain designs and shapes were considered by the Aztecs to be sacred. Art was exceptionally important to the Aztecs, and both children and women were taught the art of pottery making from an early age. They were also taught how to make art through both stones and precious metals.

The Role Of Aztec Tattoos In Culture

One thing which makes Aztec tattoos distinct from contemporary tattoos is that they played an important role in the Aztec culture, and they would often be used for rituals. A number of Aztec tattoos were designed with respect and reverence to Uitzilopochtle, one of the many gods that were worshiped by the Aztecs. While many people today get tattoos simply because of their visual appeal, the Aztecs considered them to be much more significant. For example, the Aztecs didn't just put the tattoos on any part of their body. They put them in specific locations that they considered to be important.

Where Aztec Put Their Tattoos?

For example, Aztec children would often have tattoos placed on their chest, stomach, and wrist, and this was done in order to show the child's devotion to a particular god. Each of these tattoos would be designed with a distinct pattern, and the design of the pattern would be dependent on the god that these particular child wanted to honor. While Aztec tattoos varied widely in their designs, there were a number of themes which were common among Aztec tattoos. One of these themes is the sun. The sun was considered to be sacred to the Aztecs, because it was seen as being the harbinger of life.

Aztec Sun Tattoo

The Aztec calendar itself is based on the sun, and this is why the calendar is filled with images of the sun giving various facial features. Many contemporary Aztec tattoos don't have as much meaning as their ancient counterparts, and the reason for this is because the Aztec alphabet is much different than the language that is used today. The language which was used in ancient Aztec tattoos was Nahuatl. As of this writing, the language has not been completely translated. If you want to get an Aztec tattoo, then it is natural that you will want to pick a good design.

Find Aztec Tattoos

Perhaps one of the best sources of information is the Internet. Here you can find a bunch of information that is related to Aztec tattoos, and you can find designs that you like, and learn the meanings of those designs before making the decision to get the tattoo. Once you've decided which design you want to get, most tattoo artists will be more than happy to make the design, even if they're not experienced with Aztec art.