Aztec Warriors

Aztec Warriors

Aztec warriors were broken down into two categories, and these were commoners who were given simple military training, and highly skilled warriors who were members of the aristocracy. The highly skilled Aztec warriors were known as Pipiltin, and they were much smaller in number than the commoners who comprised the bulk of the army. The elite Aztec warriors were placed in ranks based on their skill, and with regards to the achievements they had made on the battlefield. Like all empires, the Aztec Empire was constantly in a state of expansion, and in order to expand, warfare was needed. By conquering nearby city states, the Aztecs could gain their wealth and land through tribute.

Aztec Military Training

Every male born in the Aztec Empire received a certain degree of military training. This training was provided at a very early age, and it was the only way that a commoner could rise up to achieve a higher social status. Lower level Aztec warriors could rise up quickly if they captured enemy soldiers rather than killing them outright. The reason for this was because of the Aztec's desire to engage in human sacrifice. They needed people who could be used for these sacrifices, and for this reason, enemy combatants were highly valued. In fact, a number of historians have said that war was the primary way in which the Aztecs expanded their economy.

Aztec Eagle And Jaguar Warriors

The biggest class of Aztec warriors was the Jaguar and Eagle soldiers. They would dress in the form of the animal from which their name was taken, and while some wore jaguar skins, others dressed with the feathers of eagles. The base of operations for these soldiers was Quauhcalli, which could be found in the Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan.

Another class of Aztec warriors were the Otomies. They based their name from the Otomi people, a group who were known for their ferocity and fighting skill on the battlefield. Of all the warrior classes, none were higher than The Shorn Ones.

The Shorn Ones

The Shorn Ones are to the Aztecs what Delta Force and the Navy Seals are to the United States of today: a highly elite fighting force that were considered to be the absolute best. The Shorn Ones shaved their heads with the exception of a braid which would extend over their left ear. Their faces and heads were painted half blue and half red. Yellow would sometimes also be used. Before going into battle, The Shorn Ones took a vow to never move backwards during a battle, and if they did, they could be killed by their comrades.

The Weapons Of Aztec Warriors

The Aztec warriors used a variety of weapons on the battlefield. One of the most common was the Aztec spear, which was called the Atlatl. The Aztecs threw their spears rather than using them as a melee weapon. Aztec throwers could throw their spears at great distance, and with a great deal of force. The bow and arrow are another staple of the Aztec warriors, and these gave the warriors long range effectiveness. The Aztec arrows would often have points which were made from obsidian.