History Of Aztec

The History of Aztec - Aztec Calendar

Aztec history is a storied and rich one. The Aztec people once lived in the area that today is known as the south central area of Mexico. They were initially migrants who had trouble surviving and once were even captured and used as slaves. They eventually made their home in the Mesoamerica highlands.


In 1325, the Aztec people witnessed an eagle with a snake in it's talons on a cactus, near Lake Texcoco. The Aztec saw this as an omen that this area was to become their homeland and their area's capital city. They named the capital Tenochtitlan. The city was enveloped by swamps and water. To make this area livable, they were forced to drain the surrounding waters, which they were able to do.

Aztec Food

The Aztec successfully lived off of the land by hunting, gathering, fishing and planting crops. The land was very rich and fish (near the rivers), shrimp and crabs (near the ocean) were not in short supply. The Aztec were also able to domesticate crops. The most common, being bananas, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, cocoa and maize, amongst others.

Aztec Military

The Aztec were also a fighting people. They used war to capture people so that they could sacrifice them to Huitzilpochti, their primary god. They also fought and semi-colonized other tribes. They forced them to financially support the Aztec elite. These tribes were required to provide priests, nobles and city leaders with food, textiles and other luxuries. The Aztec however, showed some mercy. They allowed the captured tribes to continue to serve their own gods and keep their own governmental systems intact.

The Atzec people had no known written language, however, they were able to leave written records. To accomplish this, they used such methods as hieroglyphics and pictures. Their spoken language was known as Nahuatl.

Many current Latin Americans have Aztec lineage or lineage that was influenced by the Aztec people. The Aztec were a conquering people and through their capturing or control of other people, their influence became widespread in the area.

Aztec History Of Human Sacrifice

The Aztec people also have a very violent history. Many historians note the vast number of human sacrifices that were made by the Aztec people to appease the gods. The Aztec believed that such sacrifices were necessary to keep the gods happy and to ensure the existence of the human race. They believed that people alone could keep the gods happy or rouse their displeasure. It is estimated that up to 50,000 people were sacrificed each year. The Aztec also engaged in cannibalism for special, religious ceremonies.

The Aztec people might best be characterized as survivors, conquerors and deeply religious. Their religious beliefs led them to sacrifice thousands upon thousands of people each year. As survivors, they were also able to free themselves from slavery and a migratory existence. As conquerors, they were able to enslave and colonize others tribes. Today, the Aztec culture is one of the most fascinating and well researched. Aztec art, jewelry and culture are featured in many museums, books and movies.